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Spare Parts

Company “Gravicon” performs deliveries of spare parts to jigging machines of the following of the standard   ranges:
-         Jigging machines OM: OM12, OM18, OM24;
-         Jigging machines OM ( modernized machines OM) : MO 102, MO 105, MO 208, MO 212, MO 312, MO 318, MO 416, MO 424 ;
-         Jigging machines ВБП: ВБП-2,5 x1-M, ВБП – 5 x 2-M, ВБП-4,0 x3 –P;
-         Jigging machines OMA10, OMA10A;
-         Jigging machines ОМШ for  slurry separation;
-         Jigging machines with movable sieve ОМПР5, ОМПР8;
-         And also for adhesive separators СЛ-10
Into composition of supplied spare parts are included :
-         pulsators;
-         discharging devices;
-         sieves;
-         gearboxes;
-         control systems
Company “Gravicon” also carries out modernization of technically obsolete jigging machines with the purpose of increasing reliability, capacity and quality of washing. The indicated purposes are achieved at the expense of one or a complex of the following measures :
-         reconstruction of bodies of jigging machines;
-         pneumatic drives with modern, principally new air-pulsating system;
-         control systems on the base of industrial controllers with using sensor operator panels for realization of the fully functional human interface and integration of jigging machine into the upper level control system of the preparation enterprise.
During delivery spare parts or modernization of existing equipment in accordance with the customer’s option the company “Gravicon”  shall carry out the following :
-         manufacture and delivery of required completing items
-          supervising installation;
-         Adjustment of the preparation equipment;
-         Training of attending personnel
-         Putting into operation with achieving coordinated results of preparation