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Jigging machines with movable sieve GRAVIPOD

Jigging machines with movable sieve are intended for preparation of coals, ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Main features of machines of such type ensuring to them essential advantages over traditional jigging machines are the following :
  • energy saving in 2,5 – 4 times;
  • reduced consumption of undersieve water;
  • reducing of water consumption in 4-5 times;
  • decreasing necessary volume of water sedimentation tanks in 3 times;
  • possibility of using compact compressors not requiring special foundation instead of powerful turbo-blowers ;
  • improved discharging of heavy fractions due to modern intellectual control system;
  • modern control system on the base of industrial controller with operator panel and possibility of integration into control system of the enterprise.

Name of parameter Gravipod 5 Gravipod 8
Capacity on initial material, not more, t/h 100 180
Mass, t not more 6,7 10
Size of washing material, mm not more 100 100
Frequency of oscillations of movable sieve, cycles 0,5-2,0
Operating air pressure, Mpa, not more 0,6
Amplitude of oscillations, mm not more than 100
Material to be washed Coal/ ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals