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Jigging machine for washing sands of alluvial deposits

Jigging machines of the present class are designed according to module principle.
In the heart of their design is lying module of jigging machines GRAVICON-4M.
Module is intended for washing sands of alluvial deposits and milled ores of non-ferrous metals of size up to 25 mm with possibility of mounting on dredges 250 m3/h.
Module specifications :

Working area of separation, m      
Efficiency, t/h                   
Overall dimensions, mm
Mass, kg
Module is absolutely autonomous in operation, but designed so that can be joined with the very such modules both in longitudinal and in transverse directions, i.e. it is possible to obtain any length of material separation and necessary efficiency.
For example, from four such similar modules there was assembled jigging machine MO416 with total area 16 m, with efficiency up to 160 m3/h. It was put into operation in 1990 in settlement Nizhniy Kuranakh at the washing plant “Aldanzoloto” for treatment of alluvial gold.
Comparative tests with jigging machine “Trud 12” installed in parallel line have shown increased recovery of gold up to 8 %, especially in size -0,5 mm due to design features of machine, including  submerged weir (know- how) and modern on-line process system providing easy operative washery control .
Jigging machines in quantity of 11 pieces consisting of two modules were installed at the Navoi (Uzbekistan) mining and beneficiation plant , where they successfully operate at present.